Savior Technology

An algorithmic automotive safety feature that monitors users vitals in case of a medical emergency, the system engages switching control to auto-pilot to prevent collosion and possible death due to a health complication.

Motorist integrated health monitor for collision prevention

The purpose of this product is to preserve life by protecting your loved ones and yourself in a time of body failure. Going deeper, the goal set is to reduce all injuries and deaths due to episodes of health mishaps unseen and anticipated through an algorithm metric. In today's society, we like to assume that everyone, including ourselves, is healthy, but medical complications can happen in an intense and are never timed even if expected. When this takes place, the results are usually fatal to much more than the driver which affects passengers, neighboring vehicles and pedestrians.

SAVIOR Technology / US Patent 524759236
Sensors & Algorithm 
How It Works.
(Visual graph on function of technology) 

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