Ke'Don Franklin, Industrial Designer

A principle-driven industrial designer for sustainable solutions to further innovate.

Clone One, Smartphone
Clone was designed around the principle of seamless with an emphasis of pushing the boundaries of what mobile device is. Accentually a mobile device is a personal assistant dedicated to helping you to maneuver throughout your day, simple right? Pushing that Idea through feasible future-forward features driven by theory and conveyed by design, I was able to capture the new meaning for this device, Clone. Clone represents what a personal device is, an artificial version of yourself. Essentially a digital clone, in a miniature abstract form. Design, inspired by simplicity and seamlessness. Visioning the future as the world and all services become seamless so will design follow. Shaping this vision around the measurement that continuous and seamless works as one, curves continue in all directions.
Industrial Design, Product Design, UX Design
Industrial Designer: Ke'Don Franklin
Pure 02 : Air Dehumidifier
Iconic Design, Optimized for Performance.  The iconic reuleaux triangle is optimized for performance and visuals. The mass heavy modules such as the inner filter and battery are located at the bottom and the lightweight fiber around the high-tech minimal top side. This shape lowers the center of gravity for a steady position for consistent air flow. This rounded triangular shape is for improving the performance of the internal noise canceling engineering which helps for distant voice recognition in any direction. With simple and stable design, it fits well with most interior spaces. To provide stable feeling in the home, the body is covered with fabric and the external parts are minimized for a simple appearance.
Industrial Design, Product Design, UX/UI Design, CMF
Industrial Designer & Creative Director : Ke'Don Franklin
White B|01
White, Discovering The Importance Of Emptiness  White is the absence of matter—the removal of chaos. Our society is one of ubiquity, engulfed by an ever-growing interest in social identities, which have become increasingly inseparable from the information and material goods that we consume. White explores the nature of choice; in particular how we choose, why we choose and the implications those decisions have on the formation of our social identities and behaviors. White examines the importance of design and its relevance in improving the fundamental principles of our existence, which aids in balancing social, intellectual and emotional experiences. White intends to create tangible forms that accentuate the abundance of matter present in our lives and introduces the order necessary in achieving clarity. 
Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Engineering
Design Director : Levi Gordy Industrial Designer: Ke'Don Franklin
Google Environment (Augmented Reality)
Google Environment increases the personal experience at home or in any living space by allowing the user to manipulate the location and surroundings. This prompts the user to be anywhere in the world from a primary location. This concepts successfully creates Idyllic spaces for the user by increasing visual aspects and overall emotional state or reaction of the space using virtual windows and depending factors. 
Industrial Design, Interaction Design, UX Design, Architecture, Branding, Creative Direction
Industrial Designer & Creative Director : Ke'Don Franklin
Samsung PureAir Dehumidifier
The Pure Air Dehumidifier for Samsung is a sleek design concept, that was created to innovate the look on all home appliances. The design was also sculpted to keep the brand language of Samsung excelling in a direction that promotes high performance and easy consumer accessibility.
Industrial Design, Advertising, Product Design
Industrial Designer & Creative Director : Ke'Don Franklin
Motorola- Droid Genesis (Modular Phone)
Modular phone concept that reflects what I believe is a successful design for Motorola. This concept brings back the uniqueness of standing out by incorporating new mobile device technology discovered by Google but also bring the true Droid look back.
Industrial Design, Product Design
Industrial Designer & Creative Director : Ke'Don Franklin
Nest Thermostat
Nest Thermostat is one of the products that will assisting in controlling the features of the augmented reality environment...What is Google Environment?.... In a nut shell/ Google Environment is an Augmented Reality System that replaces windows within a space or home and allows the user to project desired weather,time and location. This feature ties into the Thermostat because once the user changes to their desired setting the thermostat will match the temperatures of the selected environment.
Branding, Industrial Design, Product Design
Industrial Designer & Creative Director : Ke'Don Franklin
Apple Mini Projector
The future has never been so accessible. Introducing the Apple Mini Projector by Apple.Inc, the worlds first pocket-sized projection device. As technology rapidly grows and devices shrink in size and double in capability, it’s my job as a student of design to constantly push the boundaries of innovation and improve the daily lives of everyone on earth. This device does away with the need for televisions, as it makes streaming content from your iPhone 50x the size and projects it onto any flat surface. The ability for everyone to have a personal HD television screen at their fingertips is now here, adjustable to all shapes and sizes. The future has never looked so good!
Advertising, Industrial Design, Product Design
Industrial Designer & Creative Director : Ke'Don Franklin
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